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Copper Weather Vanes for Cupolas in Lancaster PA




If you're looking for a beautiful copper weather vane to finish off the top of your custom cupola, we have what you're looking for.  All of our weather vanes are handcrafted in 100% pure copper, and look beautiful as a finishing touch for your cupola.  These copper weather vanes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including eagles, roosters, horses and more.

We offer full-size copper weather vanes and also a smaller garden-size weather vane, for shed cupolas.  We look forward to helping you find the perfect weather vane for your cupola or just as an accent to the roof of your home, barn or garage.

Our full-size weather vanes are all hand crafted in pure copper, and are available in various sizes ranging from 14" to 25", as listed below.


#259P - Landing Eagle - 24" l x 18" h x 28" w

#955P - Eagle Standing - 23" l x 20" h x 23" Wingspan

#501P - Rooster (Not crowing) - 25" l x 19" h x 1.5" w

#637P - Rooster Crowing - 25" l x 18" h x 2" w

#548P - Carriage - 26" l x 14" h x 5" w

#580P - Horse Running to Right (larger) - 33" l x 18" h x 4" w

#623P - Horse Running to Left (smaller) - 27" l x 15" h x 1.5" w

#667P - American Flag - 31" l x 15" h x 3" w

#638P - Deer - 22" l x 27" h x 5" w

#9606P - Great Heron - 26" l x 20" h x 28" Wingspan

#9613P - Duck - 22" l x 20" h x 27" Wingspan

#909P - Sailboat - 24" l x 27" h x 5" w

#9642P - Arrow with Scrollwork and Finial - 32" l x 25" h x 5" w

#9612P - Flying Pig - 24" l x 19" h x 12" w

#694P - Motorcycle - 34" l x 18" h x 6.5" w

#9628P - Banner Flag and Arrow - 25" l x 24" h x 2" w

Full-size Copper Weather Vanes in Lancaster PA

Our copper weather vanes are great to accent a handcrafted custom cupola.  You may also want to consider one of our black aluminum weather vanes or copper finials that are also available to accent the top of your cupola.

Rooftop Accents offers different series of cupolas in a variety of styles, including our  Elite series, Cedar & Pine cupolas, Window cupolas, Classic cupolas and many more.

If you have any questions about our cupolas and weather vanes or would like to discuss a project with a member of our team, please email us through the Contact Us page, or give us a call at (717) 529-1012 and we’ll be happy to speak with you!